QR Codes


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Barcode (QR Code) Generator

QR codes can link to web content, social media, video, email, SMS and instant messaging, and more. All of these these functions are easily achieved with a QR code generator.

Have fun, add it to your signature line and do contact us if you would like it branded or just want us to work with you on some ideas.

Quick Response Codes

The easiest way to explain QR codes is as a barcode. They have been around for a long time as a way to scan inventory. You scan the QR code with your mobile device (or numerous other ways but lets just stick to your mobile devise for now) through various scanners you can get free apps for your Smartphone by just searching for a 'QR Reader'. Once you have the reader on your mobile device you just point to the QR Code and it will send you directly to a link or message.

Look around, when you are reading a magazine, looking at a menu, they are starting to appear everywhere to give more information on any item. Every business will be utilizing QR Codes for tracking information, marketing, inventory, etc. There are countless ways to use a QR codes, both for business and personal. Check out the generator on the right to create some standard QR Codes.

Here are just a few ways QR Codes are being used.



- Print advertising
- Fundraise on-site at charity events
- Automatic Event Registration
- Link to audio or video clips
- Blog links from articles
- Offline/online advertising
- Google Analytics
- Geo-based reviews and tours
- Self-guided tours
- Concert and party registration

- Self Branding
- Dating
- Pet Tracking
- Medical Information
- Swag
- Tattoos
- Resumes
- Portfolios
- Travelling, historical landmarks
- Nutritional information